Teenage Drug Abuse

Teenage drug abuse has been a major problem for many years. Many teens are exposed to drugs before the age of 13 and many in their teen years have tried several different types of both illicit and prescription drugs.

The latest Monitoring the Future Survey found that drug use has continued to increase amongst teens and it is starting at an even younger age. In addition to this the main culprits affecting teens include marijuana, prescription drugs and newly abused drugs called synthetics.

Marijuana Abuse Among Teens

According to a new release from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, abuse rates continue to climb for marijuana use amongst teens. More than 36% of seniors in high school have reported using the drug during a one year period. In addition to this, only 22% of 12th graders saw great risk in using the drug occasionally. There are also reports that teens are exhibiting the same attitude in regards to the use of synthetic marijuana, called K2 or Spice.

The long term effects of weed and its dangers have recently been outlined in a publication entitled “What Americans Need to Know About Marijuana” that was released by The Office of the National Drug Control Policy. The publication notes that among the long term effects of weed are the number of 12-17 year olds seeking treatment for the drug. The number of marijuana admissions amongst 12-17 year olds tops out at 62% of all rehab admissions for that age group. In addition to this the drug causes many health consequences to users including risk of cancer from the carcinogenic smoke from the drug, lung infection, bronchitis, and emphysema.

Marijuana was responsible for nearly 110,000 emergency room visits and the percentage of the visits has gone up 176% since 1994 alone.

Drug rehab programs like arrowhead Narconon as well as NA have not only seen a continuous stream of individuals seeking help for illicit and prescription drugs but marijuana.

The continuous high rates of marijuana use amongst teens are causing long term negative effects to teens across the country.

Prescription Abuse

Prescription drugs are also a major area of concern for teenage drug abuse. Teens are abusing three main types of prescription drugs. These include Central Nervous System depressants, opioid drugs and stimulants. The most commonly abused opioid drugs include codeine, methadone, Percocet, Oxy Contin, hydrocodone and oxycodone.

The most commonly abused central nervous system depressants are Valium, Xanax and sleep medications. Stimulants, the third category of most abused drugs include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder drugs like Adderall and Ritalin.
Nearly 8% of teens are abusing prescriptions and they are the most commonly abused drugs by seniors in high school.

Synthetic Abuse

Teens are also abusing synthetic drugs including synthetic marijuana known as K2 or Spice and synthetic methamphetamine or Bath Salts.
Increases in ER visits have occurred because of side effects from the drug and drug enforcement groups have been forced to take action to get them off the streets.

Narconon Meetings Handle Teen Drug Abuse

Narconon drug prevention meetings along with school and church prevention programs can stop drug abuse before it starts. There are also solutions through Narconon drug treatment and NA for those already addicted.

Narconon meetings, called drug education presentations are delivered to schools, communities and churches across the country to educate teens on the dangers of drugs and minimize abuse rates with this group of people.

The outcome is that teens are less likely to use prescriptions or illicit drugs. For more information on scheduling  Narconon meetings or to find help for a teen suffering with a drug abuse problem call Narconon at 888-292-4999.

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