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Too many people have felt the pain and destruction of Methamphetamine (Meth) addiction. The abuse of this drug leaves its victims with no other goal than to use more Meth. This fixation on getting more of the drug results in the addict stealing from family members, robbing friends, neglecting their job, abusing their spouse, and even wandering off for days or weeks at a time on a ‘binge’. The result of this unexplainable behavior is the addict abandons their friends and family, leading to emotional pain for everyone. The worst thing you can try to do is take prescription drugs to try to get off the meth, as seen in the article Prescriptions Aren’t The Answer.

This drug in particular is very highly addictive and extremely difficult “to beat”. Addiction to Meth requires a full body detox program plus life counseling and a careful after treatment program for the addict to even have a chance at rehabilitation and a normal life. For more information on Meth Abuse and what can be done to really help the addict, click here to contact our drug rehabilitation counselors who are waiting to help you understand your options. You will find additional information on Narconon drug rehab programs using the links on the left.

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Ideal Program Criteria
In getting help for yourself or a loved one, there are many drug rehabilitation programs currently available. In fact, there are too many to easily choose just one. The purpose of this web site is to educate people on Meth as a highly addictive drug, present the facts about Meth addiction and to teach people the truth about rehabilitation programs.

A Rehabilitation Guarantee
People want a guarantee when they spend their hard earned money on anything. There are few programs that actually guarantee their rehabilitation program and offer free additional treatment should the addict relapse.

Time Proven Results
Look for a program that has a history going back more than 40 years and a success rate in the 75% range. This is the only real approach to a serious rehabilitation effort. Most programs have success rates in the 10-15% range and will tell you “this is good”. Don’t be fooled. Get into a real program with a high success rate.

Official Program Recognition
All drug rehab programs ‘claim’ they are approved by this hospital or that doctor. What you need is a program that has such a long and successful history that it is actually recognized and recommended by many doctors, several hospitals and numerous City and Governmental Officials, based on its high success rate over a period of decades.

Avoid Drug Replacement
Too many drug rehabilitation programs simply replace the addiction to the illegal drug with a prescription replacement drug. The point here is that the ideal drug rehabilitation program uses no replacement drugs.

After-Rehabilitation Life Counseling
Any program that does not offer life skills counseling to re-orient the former addict back into society is simply a waste of time. It was the lack of these life skills that made the person into an addict in the first place.

Simple Detox
Removing drug residuals from the body is critical to the rehabilitation of the addict. A drug-free detox is the safest method, but few rehab programs offer this. A medically approved sauna program to flush the body of the drug is the safest and most effective detox method possible.

Meth Abuse Help-Line
We have drug counselors available who want to talk with you and explain your options, educate you on available programs and assist you into a program that fits your needs. Our counselors want to help you.